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Read user reviews and comments
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by on at 3:59 PM CDT

Just had to laugh at what you wrote my reasons for cancellation where. Covering up the real reasons why your customers are leaving you doesn't help anyone. I am extremely unhappy with many aspects of Christian web host, and my dissatisfaction started when Jump line took over their operation.

Fear not, I will be writing a letter of dissatisfaction to your corporate board of directors, in addition to your corporate primary. Below are a few reasons you have lost our accounts. If loosing over 25 accounts from us over the years isn't a sufficient reason to change the way you do business then maybe you should start looking for employment elsewhere as your company can't keep treating your customers like this and expect to stay in business very long.

1) Poor billing practices, (Renewal and credit card charges after a written account cancellation), billing to a card used to make payment in the past, but not designated as our payment source. Days of difficulty obtaining a refund from your unscrupulous billing practice. Slow and poor management response to this issue.
2) Missing and inconsistent control panel functionality between like accounts.
3) Unannounced policy / contractual changes.
4) Unannounced hosting changes on already established accounts.
5) Discontinued free services, replaced by pay services in the middle of prepaid hosting terms.
6) Repeated unannounced hosting server moves, this has repeatedly caused third party applications to stop functioning, requiring application re-licensing.
7) ASP accounts being moved to non ASP servers, and then you want to bill extra to get back on an ASP server.
8) Months of waiting for a simple control panel fixes.
9) FTP, and FrontPage account password changes and deletions that where made without our consent. This cost us time and money to re-establish and distribute new logon and passwords credentials to collaborating authors.
10) Slow technical response to critical access issues, this has on several occasions caused us to put our web programmers off for 24 hours and longer during critical projects.
11) Increasing amounts of SPAM email, and the removal of the free spam filters, which were then replaced by pay SPAM filtering services.
12) Constantly having to get involved in fixing issues caused by your changes, and your supports inability to quickly fix those problems has cost us a lot of time, and money.

In short, since Jump Line took over, Christian Webhosts good reputation has been flushed right down the toilet. This is not just my opinion, but also the opinion of our business partners, our customers, the people who I originally recommended to Christian Webhost, this also appears to be the opinion of other unhappy people talking about you on the web.

In closing our moving accounts away from you has nothing to do with "Need services/features not available here" but has everything to do with your persistently poor, and at times past dishonest business practices.


Spreading the word: Stay away from Jump Line, Christian Webhost, and their affiliates !

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2010
Subject: ChristianWebHost Product Cancellation Notice

Dear Rob,

This is a notification that your Reseller Celebrate ContentXpre has been cancelled by ChristianWebHost.

The reason for this cancellation is: Need services/features not available here Notes: 6He has been moving all his accounts away from

If you feel this cancellation was processed in error, please contact our Customer Service department at 877-819-0004 or 614-458-1176 so that we may assist you. Our Customer Service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm EST.

ChristianWebHost Customer Service Department
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