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Read user reviews and comments
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by on at 12:38 PM CST
Our Web Fusion VPS went offline last week. At the time of writing (7 days later) it is still offline.

We have used Web Fusion for the past couple of years and this was the first major problem we have encountered. My experience has shown up some major problems with the Web Fusion support.

Firstly, the on line ticketing system is OK for simple problems that can rectified immediately. However, if they reply asking for mor information, your response goes to the bottom of the queue.

Secondly, if you call the support number you have to deal with the person who picks up the call. This means that there is no continuity and you will end up explaining the problem over and over again.

Thirdly, when things are taking too long to be resolved, there is absolutely no mechanism for escalating the problem into the management structure.

Lastly, although the support is 24/7, don't expect anything other than relatively simple queries to be handled outside normal office hours.

I have had a very frustrating week with my most recent problem but I have tried to be objective. I would definitely not recommend this provider but I'm not sure that any of the low cost providers are much better.

Finally, be aware that there is no SLA attached to their VPS configurations so if it fails there can be no claims for downtime.
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